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A stroll through Sahara by TheLandoBros A stroll through Sahara by TheLandoBros
Right, Valentines Day today, and since I got a Valentines Day gift art from :iconobsessedkitten: last year, I though I'd be nice and return the favour :)
Although this drawing ain't very valentine's day-themed, the girl in it is one of her own lovely ladies, Katli, so I though it would do the trick anyway.
Happy valentines day Lili, I hope it'll make you happy even though it isn't a pretty boy this time :P

A part from being a present, I also made this to practice some lighter values (I usually stick to the dark side when it comes to greyscale) and to practice some fast drawing (this one took about 4 hours, which, for me, is kinda fast xD) without using undo and the eraser at all (instead, I just re-painted stuff I wasn't happy with, canvas style)

Turned out kinda nice, been a while since I posted anything, due to school and a hobby game project.. but soon there'll be some traditional art up, a space wolf picture, and some protomen coming up, among other things.

*Katli wanted to get a better tan, sho she went to a place where the sun is very strong, for a Stroll through Sahara :D
**Her hair ir all gltarry and shiny due to the fact that she's emptied her canteen in it and then tossed it away. I wanted to some different lightning teqniques, and the water-in-hair one seemd kinda cool.
***The jewelry in her ear and navel is heartshaped, so I guess it's somewhat valentines'themed anyway :P
*****The DESERT (get it ;)) Eagle's got a rose-pattern, but you can't see it from here. This is due to Kalis surname, which is Rose :O
****She looks more like herself this time around, I think I'm getting the hang of it now :)
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February 14, 2010
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