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March 18, 2011
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Estranged by TheLandoBros Estranged by TheLandoBros
Rough times atm for us, school, work, got sick, everything at once. Good thing then that you got friends like :iconobsessedkitten: who took her time and whipped up two kickass artworks of two of our favorite characters in her own style.

You can find those pictures here:
and here:

Awesome, right *_* She's taking comissions too, something I recommend!

Every time I get somehing from someone I feel obliged to repay them, and although I can't nail a character and a feeling as good as you can Lili, but still, this one's for you. Keep it together, keep fighting. You know we support you all the way :) Your art is amazing, and it'll just get better from here on out. Makes us happy every time we see it, I hope our pictures has atleast a bit of that effect! This one's a remake of an old picture that I remember got you happy when you were down last time I made it, so maybe it'll work again :]
I Know you hate her hair so I tried to do something a bit stylish to it xD Night out, after all.

*Guess the night out got canceled, and Mayka has to drink some wine and have a cigarette on her own :o
**That dress is pretty cool.. I call it the galaxy dress :D all those lights and space-purple swirls...!
Keep practising with colors, hard, but interesting :]
Estranged is a Guns n' Roses song, a long, tough one about life's hardships and things that change. I felt it fitting to our current situation, and to the feeling of this piece :]
obsessedkitten Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
This is so nice ;_____; Just what I needed today too! I love the skin tones and the wine glass! Great colour scheme. I'd wear that dress! <3 Thank you <3 <3
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
:] Thanks, glad you like it, experimented with a lot of new stuff, pretty happy with how it all came out! Nice that you saw it on a day when you needed a boost, that's why it was drawn in the first place :D Really happy you like the dress, always hard designen girl-stuff, but your opinion on these things mean a lot :D
No problem~ <3 Tecnically, we're still a picture behind you (counting Mayka 0.5 and storm lucy) so I might draw something new this week.. :D
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