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Loading Space Invaders by TheLandoBros Loading Space Invaders by TheLandoBros
Hehe, this was a fun to draw :P
I'm a member of the swedish gaming forum "" and they're having a "design a Loading t-shirt" contest right now.
When I heard about it I, at first, thought that's nothing for me, you gotta have logos, postmodern stuff and designish things to win those. That's probably true, but that didn't stop me from wanting to do the image that popped into my mind in the exact moment when I thought just that :P

This here is Loadings mascot(s) which is a Space Invader sprite, it was pink at first, but loading changed their design to blue later on, making it possible for me to make two mascots instead of one xD
I did a stonecold man with a cigar, and a bombshell Noir Lady xD I dunno why the hell I did em like that, seemed funny, and when I was finished I found that is was.....funny, to do 'em :P

First pic ever done totally in the digital medium with my Wacom Intuo 3 :O
Damn, it's quite insane.

*here's a timeline from sketch to finished piece :D
obsessedkitten Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Nice :D Tjejen är söt! Och jag älskar förgerna.
Blått <3Rosa=sant

lite kritik är att jag stör mig på killes ojämna huvud :P Han har typ en knöl uppe till vänster. Jag är en bitch för proportioner och jämna former
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe, yeah fan, första gången jag körde med bara Wacom, stört hur annorlunda resultatet blev från den förre liksom. Jag gjorde tjejen först liksom, skuggade runt lite i facet och bam, vafan, den ser typ 3D ut, vad gjorde jag? Hur gör jag om det? :P
Lite så.
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September 14, 2008
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