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Space Wolf with Lightning Claw by TheLandoBros Space Wolf with Lightning Claw by TheLandoBros
Been a while since we uploaded anything, but here's a piece that's been lying waiting in on of our scetchbooks for, about 5 months now xD I know, scanning something won't take long, but when your day consists of grind, and two game projetcs, scanning something feels like an age in itself. But now I finally got the time to scan it. Lost a bit of contrast in the process, but managed to bring some of it back in photoshop.

A Space Wolf with a lightning claw, standing on some high place on fenris, screaming out some orders to some Spacw Wolves outside the canvas xD

Pretty happy with this one, although both the face and bits of the pose fucked up a bit. But I hope y'all like it. I've signed up to do some art for an upcoming 13th Company codex on B&CS, so you can expect some more space wolf-art in the near future!

*All that battle damage.... can't..get...enough..battle..damage.
**The background is kind of nice this time, although I've still got some problems making the character and the bakground part from eachother :o
***Those runes are real runes, although they don't say anything in particular xD
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BioWolff Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
:iconfavwhoreplz: Absolutely awesome !!!

:iconswbassplz: :iconswtamtamplz: :iconswdrumsplz: :iconswsoloplz:
davidnm Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
That's very cool! I think maybe the angle on the left pad is a bit odd, but I still like it :) And the battle damage looks good.
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! And yeah I gues it's a bit quirky all over :P
it's a bit old, and I did it over a large passafe of time (lessons)
Probably didn't have a great foundation or so either, can't remember xD
Lesson learned I guess!
obsessedkitten Featured By Owner May 27, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Well done guys :) I love the details in his beard. I would suggest that you, for your next picture, suggest depth with the thickness/blackness of the lines. If the front, main character is drawn with strong, dark lines and the mountains in the background is drawn with thinner, weaker lines, it will make an illusion of depth. The lines around the moon could almost be left out :) As a white whole in the sky.
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Woo, tack, tack :) Skall försöka tänka på det. Jag försökte faktiskt göra bakgrunden liten mer diffuse, bergen och det, men det gick inget vidare kanske. Bättre än de andra bilderna, men ändå inte helt nice. Skall slipa på det till nästa gång :)
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May 22, 2010
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