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November 25, 2008
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Space Wolves Vs. Kraken by TheLandoBros Space Wolves Vs. Kraken by TheLandoBros
Coolminiornot page, please do rate it :)

Download for fullsize btw, lots of detail.

Ey, I dunno if it's been evident or not but I'm a huge Warhammer (both Fantasy and 40K) and I've been painting for 10 years, something. My brother :iconspasmer: is the same way, this model is his and my creation.

This diorama depicts an epic battle out on the fenrisian seas between three Space Wolves, Olaf, Draug, Thori and a baby Kraken. When Games-Workshop Gothenburg announced that they were going to hold a painting contest I never thought twice about what I wanted to do. I really love the Space Wolves, I love fenris and I freaking love everything about what made me do this piece xD

We won the contest, btw.

The wave and the kraken were modeled with plasticlay, really cool material that. The octopus arms things were done in greenstuff and the boat was created using the sticks from icecreams.
Then I guess we painted it kinda cool, really wanted to make it more of a "cartoon"-ish feeling rather than ultra realistic, that's the way I always paint Warhammer btw.

Anyways, that's that, our sculpt. This is probably my first and last "real" Warhammer piece on deviantart, unless asked for. I think that sites like "Coolminiornot" is where things like that belong, my kraken is there aswell for those of you who'd like to rate it
I'll prolly update some more to that page in the future.

*Yes, I love Warhammer colors.
**You had to make the diorama on a "not bigger than a CD"-base, so we made this on a, actual CD xD
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This is so freakin COOL!! I play Wolves ( not particularly well =P) - I love the colors and really catches the feel of what they're about! Great job!
TheLandoBros Jan 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
THanks! Glad you like them : ) I intend to make another one like this, but much bigger (I'm thinking this is a baby Kraken) some day when I get the time : D
Amazing ! Really
TheLandoBros Jan 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Glad you like it. Hoping to do another, bigger one one day when I get the time : D
this is epic! i like the ripper riding the drift wood..but i say the three space wovles are as good as dead...
TheLandoBros Jul 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, maybe. One day I'll sculpt a sequel.. and we'll see what happens ;)
tht is just to badass im with u abt space wolves :D
TheLandoBros Mar 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks. Space Wolves are indeed the best!
im glad you think so as well they are quite powerful
childofthehivemind Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the ripper surfing on the wave. that was a good touch.
the rest is really good as well. you did a good job with the sculpting of the waves and the kraken, and the texture you painted on the kraken is great. you did a fine job. congrats on winning the contest; you deserved it.
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