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February 2, 2007
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The End is Always near - MGS3 by TheLandoBros The End is Always near - MGS3 by TheLandoBros
Time for some things I found while digging through the old archives.
Did this one back in early 2005, when I was playing MGS 3 all day long, (fantastic game, been through it on Hard, Extreme and European Extreme .. twice) and loved every second of it.
On bit, however, made my especially impressed.
The battle with The End could be, and I mean it, the best boss-battle ever made in a Video Game. And I've played more or less everything worth playing.
Kefka, Bowser, Sepiroth, Virgil, Ridley, Mike Tyson, Dr. Wily, Ganondorf, Wizpig, RAAM, Mother Brain, Jecht, Whatever-name-the-arm-robot-from-Gradius-bears, Samurai-dude in Shenmue, Lavos, Captain Blue on V-rated.
Even the 2 hour long last boss of Skies of Arcadia and the last boss of FFVIII when all my guys were on lvl 100.
You name it.
But The End ... the End, he's special.
The jungle ... full of places to hide and things to hide behind .. and he'll still find you. You got 100% of camo, hiding in some grass and you think you got the old man in the middle of the scope's sight. Then .. it turns out it's just a tree, and there you are, scared ..sweating .. not knowing where the hell the little scary old man is hiding. That's when you hear it; "The end .. is always near", as if he was standing right behind you, siper locked on some vital part of your body.
Bam, and the battle ends.
On European Extreme ... I had no bullets and had to HIT the old man to defeat him .. it took 1 hour and 54 minutes to do, and was bonechilling from start to finish (on mistake, and you gotta restart).
I love the battle with The End. This is my tribute to Kojima's best boss ever.

Things that might be good to know concerning this picture:
It's kinda half-old, so some things are a bit fishy.
The End is supposed to be taller than he is in game, and taller than Snake. Why? Because I wanted to give him the upper hand, the feeling of him just growing out of the ground to kill you.
Yes, them leaves were teh pain.

PS Find a snake, a parrot, a frog and a spider, if you're hardcore ;p
Obviously, the first two ain't that hard xD
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holy DETAIL! you silly :p i cant imagine how long this took. its worth it in the end though, this looks very great :D
TheLandoBros Feb 9, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe, glad ya liked it. You familiar with the MGS-series?
Anyways, yes .. took some time, but I felt I had to do it .. as a game designer, stunning me is quite a challenge. Not to brag or anything, but I've seen a lot ... and seldom see anything new in the games I buy.
The battle with The End got to me, however .. it deserved whatever time this picture took :)

And for the record .. it must've been atleast 30+ hours, or something. I didn't take the time, ofc, but I know I drawed a bit on it now and then during boring lectures and trainrides, etc.
youre a game designer?! so cool! im wicked jealous, i'm hoping i may get in to some gaming concept work someday :p

i'm afraid though that i dont know the mgs series :-/ you reccomend?
TheLandoBros Feb 9, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Whops, seems like I didn't quite read that sentence twice :p Was a bit stressed.
I mean, "as a game designer", that is, if you're one, and you manage to show me somehitng new, that is, the creator of a game manage to surprise me :p
More or less the sentence should have been:
If the game designer (of a game) manage to stun me with something in the game, he she deserves some respect :p
Because, y'know, I've played .. I've played a lot .. a lot of games xD

And yes. The MGS-series is one helluva series, could be the best as for story and some other things .. it's truly amazing. You should try them all ... their essential to the game industry, and the culture surrounding this branch of entertainment. One of it's finest, so to speak.

Concept art eh, well your art sure as hell is nice enough for it. You should really submit the two troll one to blizzard's fanart contest, unless you've already done that.
lol i getcha now :p i was like "gah!! so jealous!!" hehe... what do you need to play the mgs games on?

i submitted the undead pic there a while ago, idk if i will put up the troll pic, are they even still doin the contest? o0 maybe if i remember it i will :-p
TheLandoBros Feb 9, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Was thinking of the fanart program :)

Lot of nice pics there, I'd say your Troll pic qualifies anyday :p

You need PS2 bascily, to play MGS 1, MGS 3 and MGS 3. MGS 1 can ofc be played on PS1 aswell. One can even play the remake of MGS1 on the Gamecube, Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes it's the name of the game :P
But the MGS 1 version on the PS1 is the better version really.
MGS Ghost Babel exists for the GameBoy Color aswell xD
Best one is the first one tho.
sweet, maybe i will do that :) and yay! i have a ps2 ^^ maybe this summer i will get one of them to try when i have time again :p
TheLandoBros Feb 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Do that! However, it's important that you buy, and play, MGS1 first, since the second game is kinda connected.
The Third is a prequel though, but not much use playing unless you've played the other two.
First one's PS1, kinda messy graphs by today's standars, but believe me, MGS is for the story, not the looks.
obsessedkitten Feb 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
mad *___* details! They're everywhere! XD Nice done :)
I never played MGS... o___O It doesn't sound like any fun.
obsessedkitten Feb 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Btw, spider's in the middle. frog's to the right ^^'
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