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June 23, 2007
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The Nintendo Fanart by TheLandoBros The Nintendo Fanart by TheLandoBros
The Nintendo Fanarts Zoomed in

Big pic, download it why don't you.

What can I say, this is my prime.
Or well, not really, there's a bunch of pics that I'm, technically, more pleased with. Damn I sucked back in whatever-time-we started this.

But yeah, this is The Nintendo Fanart, longest there is? Who knows, show me another one if you know of one :P

What's this then? It's a 4-5 meter long drawing featuring countless characters from the Nintendo Universe. Starting with the Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda series at the bottom and going onwards to the top (which is by no means the end, god knows this piece aint finished)

Before someone starts screaming "god omg u are teh sick", let me explain some details:
1. I'm a twin, giving me enough time to do this, and do other stuff at the same time.
2. I haven't drawed a single line on this piece since 2005, sadly, studies and stuff like that kills the "project".
3. There is no "project" this is just something the two of us did when we were younger, in summer when our pals were away or when we were away from our pals.
4. Aint no Nintendo fanboy, I draw Nintendo only because that's where I started, If I would have the time I would draw IT all. 100% multigamer here.

The facts then, as said the drawing is about 4-5 meters in height, it's drawed on a 30 m drawing sheet and keeps on going.
Featured on the piece is several Nintendo characters from various games, from Mario to Pokémon, from Fire Emblem to Perfect Dark (which one regrets, or well not regrets, but sure, aint no N mark no more) from Street Fighter to Pilotwings, from Vievtiful Joe to Sonic (!?), from Metroid to Earhtbound and god knows what more.
It's alot on it anyways, and it aint finished, yet.
We started out somewhere in 98,99-2000, as Waluigi can be seen down below and he was revealed in Mario Tennis somewhere around there. But I honestly doesn't know when the hell we started, it was no biggy at first, was just gonna be some 20-30 chars and then cut it from the paper.
Well, didn't quite turn out that way eh.

By the way, drawed by hand, inked by hand and colored by hand with regular pencilcolors.

And oh yeah, only one dude is drawed twice, see if you can find out who. Not Samus, that Samus at the bottom is SA-X and then comes Fusion Samus ;).

Anyways, hope I can get more time in the future to draw more on this, I'll keep it updated hehe, to many damn fine games released since 2005, Another Code, Phoenix Wright and all those, damn I wanna draw those.
Someday I'll just draw Final Fantasy X in there and go multi, damn I love that game.

*My drawing was featured in the #3 Issue of the Swedish Nintendo Mag + N, go get it, great mag.
**Various cameos in there, you can prolly see 'em better on the zoomed in collage pic. Various names from my pals on various chars, various chars doing funny stuff and various Mario-stars scattered all over the piece.
***Kraid is the biggest char who's actually visible.
****Every time I spread it like this I think it looks too damn small :)
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thisrandomguythere Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
wow lots of time huh?
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
When I was like 12 years old, yeah :P and we're rwo guys. But now, I have no time :P
Ironic-Sarcasm Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh my god...
I'm just...
Good job, man. Really great job.
You deserve all the awards.
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, thanks :P didn't really get any particular awards, but I guess we were featured in a Swedish Nintendo Mag that one time xD
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Also, this deserves WAY more than 48 favs. It deserves at least over 9000.
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Holy cow, that's amazing.
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Thanks! :P
Not that amazing really, alot of patience and free time xD
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