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Warhammer Dwarfs by TheLandoBros Warhammer Dwarfs by TheLandoBros
Right. When I was tiny-me, I used to spend aeons in our Garage, painting small tin-figurines to battle it out on a tabletop with my friends and foes. The game and hobby was, of course, Warhammer.

Later, as cash started to get rare and school started to get common, this hobby of mine kinda lost its edge, and nowadays I just paint stuff when I feel like it, on rare occasions and such. But I'm still Warhammer-fan by heart, still love the perfect fantasy-universe and I still know it better than any other world or the like.

And ah yes. Them Dwarfs, them dwarfs. Always loved ém, probably always will. I mean, who can't love short vikings with mega-beards and a stubborn urge to kill all green things?

These guys are actually some of our own Warhammer-guys, created as a part of a city we built back in the old days. The City itself was Called Ocho Town, with Major Ocho the retired Dwarfs Shielbreaker Bounty Hunter in the middle there, sided by Loke (the engineer) and Alfredo (The innkeeper and militia-leader). Behind them all is the gangs Pet squig, named Fido.
Kinda cool this one, drawed it during lectures, the trip to Japan, and while being in Japan.

I kinda got and urge to draw dwarfs after I finished this one, so anothre picture with a dwarfs (and some orcs gettin' their heads ripped apart) is in the (warp) pipe at the moment.
obsessedkitten Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Detaljerna dödar mig >___o Ni äger på att krydda detaljer asså *w* Kan sitta och kolla på dem förevigt. Samtidigt blir ni bättre och bättre på det ni gör. Gillar den här skitmycket o___O Jag tror det är byggnaderna som jag fallit för. De är skitballa!
TheLandoBros Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hoho, tackar. Byggnaderna sägeru .. tja, kanske det. Själv blev jag la halvnöjd men dom. Inte dåliga på något vis egentligen I guess .. men det känns lite kuliss över det hela.

Har som sgat en ny dvärgbild pipelinen .. skall försöka fixa en ballare bakgrund där.
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July 16, 2007
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