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It's true, our Indie game They Breathe is now released on Steam and anyone who wants to can go get it, right now, right here for $1.99! :D
Hope you do, and hope you enjoy the game!

If you like the game, seems like a lot of people do actually! :D Please help spread the word!

They Breathe - Game Box Art by TheLandoBros

Our other game, Residue will be released this summer as well! In an unlikely event, both our games got greenlighted around the same time, we're totally hyped about this!

Residue - Sunrise by TheLandoBros

Ps. I still can't believe someone did a fanart of They Breathe! Check it out!
They Breathe by ZombiDJ
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Yeah, our game Swords & Arrows is finally released! You can get it right now, totally for FREE, on Appstore for iPhone and iPad!

Check it out here: Swords & Arrows on Appstore

Official Website:

We did all the Graphics for this game, gonna upload a lot of pics to the gallery asap!

Swords and Arrows by TheLandoBros


And if you feel like it please support our other games on Steam Greenlight!

Residue - Sunrise by TheLandoBros 

You can Buy the game here

They Breathe - Game Box Art by TheLandoBros
You can Buy the game here
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Our game They Breathe was included in The Indie Royale Bundle today, if you wanna try the game and buy it, and a bunch of other games, you can do so here:

And oh, the Demo for our (kinda) big and long-in-development game Residue is available as well! Completely free of course, you only need the Desura client!

Just click "Install game" in the upper Right corner.

If you'd like to help out and get Residue on Steam, please do vote for it on the game's Greenlight page.…

That's that, here's some old art from both of the games!

They Breathe - Artwork 2 by TheLandoBros Residue - Sunrise by TheLandoBros They Breathe - Game Box Art by TheLandoBros
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They breathe is now released on some bigger gaming portals!

You can buy the game at GamersGate here!
And at Desura, Here!

Some of you have seen my artworks for the game (we did all the graphics too but the artworks has been published here and here.

It's a pretty strange game, but it's special in its own way :D
Download it if you're intrested and see what it's all about!

And if you dig, be sure to check out in the future :D

Edit: Also, please vote for our next Game, Residue, at Steam. Click HERE! : D
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Whoops, there it went, and I didn't even notice it did! The big 10K.
Can't really say it matters much, it's fun to see that people watch my work, then again, the whole pageview thing is kinda irrelevant I'd say. Who cares about this page, it gives you nothing xD
I mean to date my pics's apparently got 39,187 views in total, that means more to me :P

Anyways, still fun to break some kinda mark here. I'm gonna do a pic of somekind, I've been thinking about doing a cool pic for the big 10k, but it was kinda too time consuming so I had to scale it down in  my head....might be cool however.

My remake of the good old Geekmet Poster might see an upswing aswell due to this....hmhmh, we'll see. I really wanna finish the remake....

Been quite busy making graphics for our 2D game projects these last weeks, not been drawing much at all.
Been concepting and pixeling like hell tho, might show you guys later on :)

Gonna submit something kinda cool to Udons Darkstalkers thing aswell.

Anyways, thanks for appreciating my work y'all.

/Mange & Viggo
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I should start with sayin' that this is, in no way, a ranking list, I respect my favourite artist equally in every way. From the ultra detailed works of Kentaro Muira to Yoji Shinkawas crazy linearts to Yasuhiro Nightows more comical detailed works and so on. But I should start somewhere and I kinda wanted to start with the one who means most to me in terms of inspiration and shaping my own style and well, art in general.

Mark Gibbons. Hell ,the man is a god among men with a pencil. Some of you might not even recognise his name, but after this, you will :D
Part of my original idea in writing this journal anyways :P
The guy did almost every single illustration for the Armybooks and Codexes for Warhammer Fantasy and 40 000 during the 90s. This was waay before all the digitalized art came along, MG works in the traditional ways. I read those books, I looked at the pictures and died everytime just to eb reviwed and try to draw like them and so on. The dude is truly awesome, and it's a damn shame that he's not received the honor to get a Artbook devoted to himself from the Black Library. It's truly a shame that he works for Blizzard nowadays.

Anways, let me show you some pics from Mark's gallery, so you can experience first hand how awesome he is :)… - Darnath Lysander one of his latest works before resigning to Blizzard.… - A Eshin Assasin Skaven, old pic, awesome… - Bjorn the Fellhanded, blows me away everytime.… - Undead Necromancer… - Space Wolf Sergeant… - Death Guard, the details!… - Chaplain, one of the latest pics awell.… - Lord Kroak Slann Priest.… - A Dwarf, Mark has done thousands of 'em, better than this one but this was the only one I could find, his style being my main inspiration in all dwarves, WH, and fantasy art.

And lastly, the most fucked up and best Warhammer Fantasy Illustration ever. The Lord of the Undead, Nagash.…
Damn, the day when I can draw like that.

Btw.… - A WoW Warlock, I think this pics shows why MG shouldn't work at Blizzard but GW :p But then again, I'm not one to decide.

Here's a link to his offical site for more pics:

That's all for this time, now, I wanna see your favourite artists represented with more than just some name in the "Favourite Artists" section :)
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I thought that I should post a new entry to this here journal, been awhile, and some stuff in the old one are.....yeah old.
The list of "to-do-nowz" is updated for one, let's start with that one!

The list I posted last time, check it out :D
A collab with :iconobsessedkitten: - Done Check it out here
A collab with :iconm00gli: - Done Check it out here

That's it, I've still got this list left to complete, and I'm doing alot of new stuff on the side aswell ;_;

A fanart of the Space Wolves Chapter Master and Great Wolf Logan Grimnar (almost done)
A fanart of the Sisters of Battle from Warhammer 40k (40% I'd say)
A big SF fanart just like this one but with SFIII chars. (I've done Alex, Ibuki, makoto, necro, effie, twelve and oro)
Paintin' Majora's Mask's Skull Kid on the Zelda N64's AC-adapter (damn I gotta finish this)
A gullwings and roses "in action on some stage" picture :O (not started yet ;_; )

In other news, as mentioned in the journal before this one, I wanna remake the old Geekmeet v.2 poster. And, yeah I'm doing that right now actually :D
With my new effin Wacom Intuo3 Tablet that literally kicks ass.
Here's a preview.
Compare that one with the one done two years ago :D
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  • Playing: Psychonauts
  • Eating: Too much Candy :O
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.

Yeah, hell it's summer, and the rain is pouri....the sun in scorching Gothenburg, as it always does :O
Anywayz, been kinda slow on my updates here, I think, yeah that's true, Lucy Rocks was like amonth ago. Gonna have to do something about that, and I am doing something about it, sort of :p

Anways, If I do not provide you with pics, please check out other peoples stuff xD
My good friend Hana :iconm00gli:(as mentioned in "my favourite artist" below!) has finally (!) gone and created a DA-account, go there, nowz, and watch her awesome stuff! :D
And be sure to check out :iconobsessedkitten: gallery aswell, her Manga will probably get rolling for realz this summer~ :O

Actually, I've been drawing alot of stuff, but it's alot of different projects which I haven't completed....but I'll do it soon I hope :p
Some stuff I'm doin' now is:
A fanart of the Space Wolves Chapter Master and Great Wolf Logan Grimnar
A fanart of the Sisters of Battle from Warhammer 40k
A big SF fanart just like this one but with SFIII chars.
Paintin' Majora's Mask's Skull Kid on the Zelda N64's AC-adapter :p(was actually a 2k views thing, guess I'm kinda late with that)
A gullwings and roses "in action on some stage" picture :O
A collab with Lili that has literally taken ages to complete, but it's damn cool :D
A collab with Hana that's actually done, why haven't I updated it yet? xD

I also really wanna redraw the old classic Geek Meet v. 2.0 because I really like this pic, but everytime I look at it I see things that I could've done so much better today....I'm definatly gonna do it someday...soon.

I think you get the point :p

As a closing note, damn I'm happy about all the critique and favoz Super Yakuza Bros. has received, I poured my whole 18 years Nintendo Soul into that pic! Thanks all.
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Guess what, I got tagged :iconobsessedkitten: ...again....(again! xD)
Let's do this. I'll practice a bit of freedom here, 3 this 3 that, I'm two so I should have atleast 5 when I want to :O

Team Lando
Mange & Viggo

Painted Warhammer
Drawing stuffz
Took a Coke :O

I've got character :O
I've got a sharp memory.(irritating even, some claim :P)

Hmmm, I tend to wake up too early even on weekends :[
Sucks at saving moneyz
Can't play shit with whatever instrument :[

The Dome, at night :O
Horror games and movies :P

A "Power to the Players" NES-T-shirt and a "Hokkaido" calligraphy T-shirt.
Pants, with lots of handy pockets!
My "Bad Mother Fucker" wallet :P

Sweet Child o' Mine
Only for the Weak
Soundtrack to the Rebellion
Over my Head (with Lit, not some other whatev-band)
Ordinary Story
Bohemian Rhapsody
Too much Love Will Kill you
Under Pressure

The past in general, duh
My time in my very low-class school.
My time in the Dome.

Can upload pieces somewhere where they won't go away.
People can see my shit :P
Cool place to check out  amazing art!

Painting Warhammer

Go to Stockholm (guäh) an watch In Flames, meet my pals (hell, effin, yeah)
Get a summer vacation
Go back to Japan



That's it eh :O
In other news, I'm drawing this and that, going up sometime. The Zelda N64 will get an update soon, with it's crazy favs and views I guess it deserves it :P
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  • Reading: Eisenhorn and Oathbreaker (yep, warhammer)
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: GTA IV
  • Eating: Too much Candy :O
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.


Thu May 1, 2008, 4:28 PM

Yeah so, was tagged...again by :iconobsessedkitten:...again. But hey, I'm a man, let's do this, yarr.

1. OK, now, I know the majority of you are a bunch of pussies, so let’s start with the basics of manliness. What's your favorite power tool?

The drill, pistol-style. Kicks ass :O You gotta drill walls, and plugg shits, to bang up some IKEA shelves here and there eh :O

2. Alright, let’s step it up a little bit more. As we've learned from some of the worlds manliest professionals, such as lumberjacks, facial hair is amazingly manly. How much facial hair do you have?
Enough, it grows, I tend to shave it off when it starts to scratch. Can't say I wanna grow a beard seing my hair is blonde and my beard apparenty chose to be red. Not the best combo, although very Viking-ish!

3. Warmup's over, punks. A real man can handle lots of different situations. Dangerous situations. You've got peoples lives on the line. What weapon would you use to fight off zombies should the inevitable zombie apocalypse occur?
Shotgun. Duh. Kinda Point-blank Headshot =Insta kill, everytime (if you've played Resident Evil)

4. Luckily for a lot of you out there, being able to kick ass isn't the only thing that makes a person manly. Even playing instruments can be manly. Can you play the guitar? More importantly, does it leave women, *ahem* wanting?

No, can't damn shame, favourite instrument. I didn't get that talent, I'm more into art of the pencil-kind :O

5. As surprising as it may seem, cooking can be manly too. Specifically, I mean BBQ and grilling, so get that fondue pot the *fuck* out of my sight. Your fellow men are coming over to watch the big game, and you need to feed. What do you prepare?
Al Pacino from the local Pizza joint :O
That's what they want so why try to cook something else?

6. Since you decided to cook meat (and if you didn't, get the hell out of this meme), out of curiosity, what cut of meat did you decide to serve to your fellow man?
Something damn tasty :O
And warm, cold food is for....the weak ;)

7. You're riding down the street, and the sorry-ass punk behind you is flooding your street-dominator with his overly-loud crap. You hit the power on your stereo. What comes blasting out to rock his shit?

In Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames

8. Remember question 5? Your friends, doing their sacred duty, ate every scrap of food in your house. Time to restock. You grab your trusty firearm and head out into the wilderness. What beast have you decided to make your prey?

An Ice Bear, let's wrestle! Hurr!

9. While stalking the aforementioned prey, you ran into a GIANT BEAR, which snapped your gun like a twig. Looks like you're on your own, buddy. How do you, o' paragon of man, handle the situation?

Haha, mentioned above, we fight to the death!

10. Even though injury is inherently manly, getting hurt still sucks, and going to the doctor sucks even more. Since med school is so expensive, what’s the manliest improvised way you’ve ever treated an injury, and what injury?

Hmm....dunno, when I fell off my bike and jacked my elbow uop pretty damn bad. I wrapped my shirt around it. Damn that shit bled good. Leaved an ugly scar too, hurr.

11. Alright, time to demonstrate your mastery of manly vocabulary. Rewrite the following sentence in the manliest way possible: “Oh no, I heard a sound! Whatever could it be?”

"Sch, they can smell fear"

12. Before we get to the end of the meme, I don’t think I’ve spent enough time on violence. It’s something inherent to the soul of manliness. What’s the manliest way you’ve killed something?
Hell killed something, I tend not to kill stuff :O

13. What is broken glass for?
Running around in without shoes, in a big building, witha gun (Die Hard I is the manliest film ever)

14. You lived such a manly life that you kicked ass straight into heaven. When the pearly gates open, you’re greeted by the greatest man to ever live. Who is it you see?

Leman Russ.

15. Manliness transcends gender. I know women with balls bigger than most men have. So prove it now, and don't fail me after making it this far. What distinguishes you as a paragon of manliness amongst the pretenders?

I stay damn true to principles ;)

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  • Reading: Eisenhorn and Oathbreaker (yep, warhammer)
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: GTA IV
  • Eating: Too much Candy :O
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Yeah, haha, tagged again after just two days of peace :P
Seemed pretty funny tho, so why not.

1) Answer the questions below
2) Take each answer and type it into dA search box
3) Take a deviation from the first page of results (may use "popular" or "newest") and post thumb (for subscribers) or link (non-subscribers)
4) You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you

1. The age you will be on your next birthday:
22 by ELZUCO
2. A place you'd like to travel:
Akihabara by Ilwen
(been there, but I sure wanna go again)
3. Your favorite place:
Gothenburg Night 3 by paddington
4. Your favorite object:
Pencil and pens by kaz0885
(0,5 is the best size for mad pencils :O)
5. Favorite food:
The Godfather - Al Pacino by willorbit
(the best pizza at our local joint is called Al Pacino :P)
6. Your favorite animal:
Shiba inu by samooni
7. Your favorite color:
urbanKeops2 _ the green desert by bosniak
(we like blue and green!)
8. The town/state/etc in which you live:
City of Light by C4r1
(again, my home, my favourite place in the whole world)
9. Name of past pet:
Putte by Dark--Halo
(had a ginuea pig called "Putte", apparently someone else ahd one too :P)
10. A dream come true:
11. Your nickname/screenname:
Disco Lando by OtisFrampton
(the name not being related to him at all actually, but he's still cool and stuff)
12. Middle name:
Ragnar Blackmane by transf0rmer & Axel by SaiyaGina
(Ragnar and Axel, bet some of you SW/KH fans are jealous :O)
13. Favorite Smell:
(preferably with mashed potatoes, ketchup, mustard and roasted damn it, so good, called "halv-special and the national food of Swe...Gothenburg)
14. Bad habit of yours:
(ok, not work, but the desk of the university becomes very comfty sometimes....)
15. Your first job:
GODFATHER by angelgaby
(haha, yeah, our godfather runs his own company, we did various tasks for him)
16. Favourite Movie:
Pulp Fiction by xelalex42
(tight race, but probably that one, even got a "BAD MOTHERFUCKER"-wallet :p)
17. What are you doing right now?
Space Wolves by Ferno
(painting Space Wolves, mine're better tho I'd say :O, these are nice however)
18. What's The Weather Like?
It Can't Rain all the Time by x-horizon
19. Favourite Sport:
(hockey, and that's the team)
20. Favourite Music/Style/Band:
Rock, whatever sub-genre witha  guitar)
Guns n Roses by TeardropCandy Deep Purple by ShrinkMeGypsy rolling stones! by zEppElin-StOnEs In Flames by Psychotic-Spring Machinae Supremacy by joakim etc. Gaming Remixes are nice too.
21. Who do you tag?
Little Homies by AdamPowell
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  • Reading: Oathbreaker and Fulgrim (yep, warhammer)
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: Metroid Prime 3, Vagrant Story
  • Eating: Too much Candy :O
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Yeah, apparently I got tagged again, by :iconobsessedkitten:
Let's do it, hey, 10 random facts about me I was destined to write. :O

1. My hair, both of my heads so to say, is curly like hell....sometimes it resembles an Afro. Funny thing about this is that my father had the same hairstyle in the 70ies something, and sometimes he can storm into my room, just pointing at our heads, laughing his face off screaming "you guys look just like me in the 70ies HAHAHA"
I find that funny xD
2. I seldom, or ever, change my avatar on MSN och forumes in general, and I always have the same signature and so on....I'm very traditional when it comes to things like those O:
Changeing your avatar on the internet is like changing your face IRL....and I wouldn't wanna do that.
3. Opposed to popular belief, I'm not an identical twin, apparently we're non-identical twins. However, this fact know since 1986 when our parents took  a blood test, has been kinda cracked recently by anohter test that said the opposite....I realy don't know myself anymore xD
4. No piercings and  no tattoos, can't say I want one either :O Free pain, no thanks. Plus the fact that I've got no earlobes genetically.
5. I can eat loads of sweets and apparently won't gain any weight at all, someday that effect will probably malfunction and I will find  out the hard way.
6. One of me got "ragnar" as his second name, a name which is shared in the Generation from our father and 5-6 persons back in time :P
7. I drink way too much coke, but strangly enough my teeth keep themself intact.
8. Someday, I will have a Shiba Inu for a pet called Silver.
9. I takes people about a year, seeing us frequently, to tell us apart from my experience. Otherwise, just ask Spasm' he's got it all covered.
10. The nickname "Viggo" for 50% of me was founded by the other part of me :P I read a book called "otto är en noshörning" in 2nd grade somewhere and a dude in that book was called Viggo, I thought it sounded funnier than any other regular nickname for the swedish name Viktor and started calling my brother that :D

In other news, still working on the same pictures together with :iconobsessedkitten: and :iconspasmer: as I was last time.....the Zelda 64 will get an update...soon.
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  • Listening to: G'n' R, Queen, In Flames, MaSu, CT OST
  • Reading: Oathbreaker and Fulgrim (yep, warhammer)
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: Metroid Prime 3, Vagrant Story
  • Eating: Too much Candy :O
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Which is like the best thing ever, really, they fit together so damn well, and occasionally you do something really epic. Disagreeing to this theory is Only for the Weak :O
A tribute to one of the best metal-ish songs ever btw. By In Flames :O Buy or tankzor it. Now

It's also a quote I'll probably put on Lucy's shirt once I finish a picture of her and another girly girl that is in the warppipe. I like tributing rock and music and stuff like that, isn't the first time :P

Hmm, what's more, guess the secret posted in the last journal will see the light of day sometime soonish, and my project(s) together with :iconobsessedkitten: will hopefully premiere soon aswell xD

Got a Space Wolf fanart pretty much done, just needs to be scanned that's all xD (which is a pain with a  A4 scanner and a A3 paper!)
Got two Space Wolves fanart in this state even!

God damn, I've got so much to do, so much I want to draw, and even more that I should be doing.
Might even do something :O

Oh, yeah, I hit 5000, or so it seems. Might do something funny because of that, or rather, do something funny anyways and say it' related to that fact (which it kinda isn't but anyways)
Got something (or alot) to do with this one…
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  • Reading: Manslayer and Space Wolf
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: Call of Duty 4, Halo 3
  • Eating: Too much Candy :O
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Yeah, :iconobsessedkitten: "tagged" me, quite unfamiliar witht the term, maybe I'm too old for this? What's these new things the youngsters keep on doing today eh :P

Anywayz, will answer all of 'em below. Some other shit first.

Noticed today that one could organize the good old gallery, which made my attempts to "not update anything until Yuna"was done kinda pointless :P
So I guess I'll udate something cool soon, got some pics that were done during the whole "Yuna-process". Some Warhammer 40 000 pic is coming around, my tablet is kidna broke so I can't work on 3 pieces that I wanted to work on, that fucking sucks btw.

My piece(s) of a yet-unknown-theme(s) with Lili aren't done yet either, but they will be, later on.
And they are awesome.

EDIT: Lololololol secret:…

Anywayz. Might be some typos in there, can't be arsed to correct them.

NAME: Magnus (Ragnar) Nyström and Viktor (Axel) Nyström are our full names, referred to as Mange & Viggo  100% of the time. Call us Lando on the net, thats us.
BIRTHDAY: 4th of November, both of us, obviously.
BIRTHPLACE: Gothenburg, Molndal Hospital, born and freaking raised.
CURRENT LOCATION: Gothenburg, Lindome (The Dome), in my room, in Spasmer's sofa.
HAIR COLOUR: Blonde and all curly~
HEIGHT: What is is, something around 1,82 or something, kinda short in Sweden, considered "tall" in Japan xD
L/R HANDED: Right handed, of course, I can shoot with both feet tho.

THE SHOES YOU WORE TODAY: The regular ones, hell if I know what brand.
YOUR WEAKNESS: Dunno, talk too much and too loud? If that's a weakness, can't say it is, hey.
YOUR PERFECT PIZZA: Al Pacino, at Druvan in The Dome.
SINGLE OR GROUP DATES: Eh, single I guess?
GOAL TO ACHIEVE THIS YEAR: The year is almost over, can't say I got anything in particular left to do.
YOUR MOST OVERUSED PHRASE ON AN INSTANT MESSENGER: Probably when initiating a conversation "öh"
YOUR BEDTIME: Never before 01:00 mostly after 02/03:00 which is a freaking pain when you rise at 06/07:30ish.
YOUR MOST MISSED MEMORY: Got alot of memories, can't say I miss them, the good thing are still with me, the bad things are best left over there.
PEPSI OR COKE: I could tell coke from Pepsi with a freaking blindfold, Coke, ofc.
McDONALDS OR BURGERKING: McDeans, they've got the QP. The Old King is to expensive and not really worth it, Sibylla is the best tho.
LIPTON ICE TEA OR NESTEA: Lipton, I prefer warm tea however.
CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: Chocolate probably, Vanilla is kinda boring :P
CAPPUCCINO OR COFFEE: None thank you, If I had to choose I'd choose Coffe cause that's the only one I've tried.

DO YOU SMOKE: No. Never even tried, not a single stick lit.
DO YOU SWEAR: In just about every sentence, sometimes twice or more. Got it from my dad and grandad, nothing I intend to remove.
DO YOU SING: Nope. Can't say I do.
DO YOU SHOWER DAILY: Just about everyday yeah, to wake the hell up :P

DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE: I'm there baby ;)
DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Do I,m I think so, I seldom think about myself.
DO YOU LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: Hell yeah, when inside or under shelter. It's damn awesome.
DO YOU PLAY AN INSTRUMENT: God no. I a person get either one esthetic talent or both of them, I got one, lets leave it at that.

In the past month have you

1. DRUNK ALCHOHOL: Nope. Not at all, you can add 3 months/year/years to that question. Alcohol has done things with my pals that I do not intend to bring upon myself.
2. SMOKED: No. Never.
3. BEEN ON DRUGS: Nope, never tried.
4. GONE TO A MALL: I guess.
5. EATEN A BOX OF OREOS: Some Yankee shit? No, can't say I have.

DO YOU WORK: No, would be nice with some cash tho.

IN A BOY/GIRL: You can refer to my brother Spasmers answer.

FAVORITE EYE COLOUR: Never thought about it, can't say I don't like any of them so I guess I like them all :P
FAVORITE HAIR COLOUR: Same as with the eyes there. Exclude all the green/blue/pink/mixed ones tho, not a 10 in my book.
SHORT OR LONG HAIR: Mines long now, been short before, I like the 'fro tho.
WEIGHT: Can't say I've considered that either.
BEST CLOTHING STYLE: Dunno. Can't say I like guys lookin' like girls, but anything normal is nice enough for me.

NUMBER OF CDS I OWN: 20ish, dunno rally, mostly Soundtracks, Deep Purple or MaSu.
NUMBER OF TATTOOS: None... don't think I'll ever get any but maybe, who knows.
THINGS IN MY PAST I REGRET: I regret few things, none at all really. Missed swedish band "Gyllene Tider" playing on Ullevi but that's about it!

Lando and out.
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  • Playing: Guitar Hero III and Okami
  • Eating: Halv-special
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Yeah, hell, that pretty much  sums it up.

I'm drawing alot of Monsters in my current Warhammer 40 000 fanarts, and yeah, Space Marines aswell of course, but I guess that kinda includes in the whole "mechas" bit :P

As for Rock, I'm currently doing Yuna for Gullwings and Roses, the last part in the series, sadly :P
Or well....atleast the GnR series in that matter.
Then again, Yuna's gonna be based on the bassist Duff McKagan, and in my opinion he's not, at all, as characteristic as Axl and Slash.
But what to to, atleast he's got lots of tattos.

And oh yeah, I'm doing a new "lililando" picture :D with :iconobsessedkitten:
The previosu one....hmm, still in coloring :O when it's done, in one way or another, the lineart may find it's way here.
But we're doing a new one, less mecha and more monster for me this time :P
Hint hint!

That's it until next time anyways.
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  • Reading: Various Warhammer-related books.
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: Dreamfall The Longest Journey
  • Eating: Halv-special
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Damn, I've been drawing pretty much lately, maybe too much, considering I've got loads of other stuff to do.
But who cares, or something like that.

Anyways, right now, I'm drawing a kinda big fanart of some Space Wolves from the grim universe of Warhammer 40 000.

Plus I'm still drawing on my next part in the LLR'n' R series titled "Gullwings n' Roses" I can tell you that 1/3 is complete, and the 2nd one is almost complete aswell ;)
Slash it up.

In other news I'm also drawing a pretty neat Nintendo Themed fanart, turning out pretty great aswell.

Those things, are not "the best" however.
"The best" Is a picture I've already completed but yet to upload.
And by saying "I" in the sentance above put me to shame, because, well can't say I did the piece on my own, hell no.

The piece I'm talking about is the one I did with my friend :iconobsessedkitten:

It turned out so damn great it's almost illegal. And, as mentioned in the previous journal, it made Heavy Metal sound like gospel.

Eventually adding the colors of :iconspasmer: to the mix will make it supreme.

Can't wait to show you guys, but alas I have to do so anyways (the thing needs color to be truly great I think)

*One closing note, I scrapped all my LLR'n'R linearts to the scrap section, not beacause I don't like em (I love traditional lineart) but because, the gallery doesn't need 'em when the colored ones are around :)
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  • Reading: Various Warhammer-related books.
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: Halo 3
  • Eating: Hönökaka
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Tomorrow even. Tomorrow, more or less 9 hours from this very moment, I'll be writin' my last exam for this summer, thus giving me about 18th~25something of freetime. Japan was great, and so was kicking it back on the Swedish Riviera (West coast, yo), but never had much time to draw or play any games.

So, basically, just to update everything concernin' anything:

Awesome fanart-project in the (warp)pipe together with
Which will later be colored by me, her, and my Brother in all but blood, :iconspasmer:
It'll rock so hard Heavy Metal will sound like gospel.

Except for that there's been, and will be, a lot of fantasy and stuff coming up. That is to say, Dwarfs, Dwarfs, and maybe, just maybe, another Dwarf.

Got me some things I have to paint on too, like the N64 (gettting sides this time) and my Laptop (riddled with either Space Wolves or Dwarfs in the near future). The PS2's front might get some Street Fighter too.

And I've also been thinking about a Turtles-themed fanart.
And, ofc, the next part of Ladies Like Rock 'n' Roll, at the moment known as "Gullwings n' Roses". Look forward to it ;)
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  • Reading: Various Warhammer-related books.
  • Watching: Next to nothing, except what's in front of me
  • Playing: Pokémon Diamond and soon Dead Rising
  • Eating: Hönökaka
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Yeah, well, back from Japan.
As stated in the latest journal, the "no-pictures-because-of-no-scanner" time has ended.
So, yeah, things are coming.

Working on some random fanarts, a intresting idea struck me yesterday, I might make it a real project later on.

Next up is a project with :iconobsessedkitten:
It'll rock.
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  • Playing: Pokémon Diamond
  • Eating: Swedish food, loads.
  • Drinking: Coke, as always.
Just a quick note for anyone who's intrested.
Ain't uploading anything right now because I'm currently studiying in Sapporo, Japan, where there's no scanner whatsoever available :P
Got my pad with me tho, there will be a load of studying trying to get back into actually talking japanese and learning even more about it.
So yeah, no pics for some time, not dead, just gone.
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  • Watching: Death Note
  • Playing: Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
  • Eating: Japanese Food, whatever it is.
  • Drinking: Coke, more than usual. It's damn cheap here.
This month has been a hard one, due to various reasons not mentioned here, but it's over now and it's awesome being back in business. Anywayz...

I'm not much for promoting myself, in whatever it is I'm doing, I'm more of a tributing others-dude.
That's how I do things.
Thus, when I hit the 1k mark, or 500 if so, I didn't feel like writing or drawing a "zomg teh 1000 views!1" post.
Didn't feel like it, cause I didn't see no point in doin' so. I appreciate all the people who check my shit out, 's cool and all that, but you won't seeing me bragging about it, or thanking y'all for it (thus bragging beside the point, too many of those)
I won't, aint my style.

HowevAr, when I checked my page this mornin', or afternoon rather, I just had to take a printscreen, and here I am, writing about it,that very well could be called exactly the thing I described 10 rows above this one.
But it aint.
I just found out that my viewcount struck 1337 :P just like the time does everday, 13:37 style, and I found it, not funny, but funny in a "heh"-kinda way, the same way you feel when you see the time being on 13:37 for that matter.
Aint lmao, but it's certainly, "heh".

This journal is "heh" and so is this printscreen.…

Anyways, been drawing this and that, in LLR'n'R Igot like 6 Ladies done, when I started I said I'd do 7+.
I got atleast 4 in my head atm, so we'll change that number, eh.
But yeah, more coming, hope y'all, whoever you are, likes it.

Protomen aswell, some mad stuff in the warp pipe for that series.

*On a sidenote, I'll get myself a new avatar and an ID soon, I guess, gonna be awesome.
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  • Drinking: Coke, too much of it too.